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Vietnamese Professional Translation Company (INTERPROTRANS) is a trusted resource for international language production services. Our growing clientele of movie, entertainment, advertising, television, radio and corporate customers relies on us to provide high quality, nuanced transcription, translation, bilingual voice over, dubbing, narration, character voices, subtitling and monitoring for their important projects in foreign languages.

We work with translators specialized in script writing, as well as subtitling professional, to translate Client’s scripts into Languages and dialects that are culturally appropriate for your target audiences.

We will help cast your audio, video, film or multimedia project from our large selection of actors and professional bilingual voice over talent. Expert producers and monitors experienced in foreign language production will work in our studios, depending upon your production requirements.

Learn how Vietnamese Professional Translation Company (INTERPROTRANS) helped a major video production reach international audiences in the Video Dubbing Production.

Our multi-language language production services include: 

·       Translation

·       Narration

·       Casting

·       Voice Overs

·       Dubbing

·       Foreign Language Monitoring

·       Subtitling

·       Recordings

·       DVD Authoring

·       DVD Menu Design

·       Flash Animation and Website Localization

·       Multimedia

·       Transcription


Vietnamese Professional Translation Company (INTERPROTRANS) also has years of experience working with:

·       Scripts

·       Commercials

·       Documentaries

·       Feature films and animations

·       Training videos, movies, CDs and DVDs

·       Promotional videos

·       Sales presentations

·       Retail kiosks

·       IVR (interactive voice response)

·       CBT (computer based training)


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