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Medical Translation Services 

Medical TranslationIn the medical world, quality translations are not a matter of luxury. They are critical! If you need to translate medical device manuals and interfaces, clinical research reports, patent documentation, or case-file dossiers, INTERPROTRANS delivers quality service you can rely on.

INTERPROTRANS provides translation services to leading hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, clinicians, and researchers around the world.

Because localization demands total accuracy and zero tolerance for misinterpretation, we employ over 800 translators across the globe, each located in the country where their language of expertise is the native spoken language.

INTERPROTRANS works closely with all clients to ensure that translations are 99% accurate and exceed expectations.

Typical medical translation documents include:
                          -  Patient Information leaflets
                          -  Codes of Conduct
                          -  Clinical trial documentation
                          -  Summary of Product Characteristics
                          -  Marketing authorizations
                          -  Promotional literature
                          -  Patient consent forms
                          -  Discharge summaries
                          -  Medical journal articles
                          -  Health awareness brochures

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