INTERPROTRANS is a multi-language service provider for many years’ experience in translating over 70 languages. We became the Member of Asian Translation Association in 2010. Up to now, We have over 2000 local and oversea clients with thousand of translation projects annually; especially, many big projects from Vietnamese Government. INTERPROTRANS is now one of Top Translation Service Provider in Viet Nam.




Multi-language translation: We provide translation services and notarization in 35 languages​​: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Czech, Thai, Lao ...

Professional Translation

The company always meets the requirements of your guests with a full translation of subjects: Economy, technology, information, finance, banking ... and multi-lingual: English, German, French ....

Professional Interpreter


  • Mekong Bank

    "INTERPROTRANS had agreed to translate all financial – accounting – information technology documents of whole system of Mekong Bank within 04 days with a quantity of over 500 pages. The Company did fulfill on time its translation and quality of the translation was out of expectations from the Bank..."

  • Fass Software Company

    " A document of over 200 000 words which are equal to 571 pages on accounting system for business management was translated from Vietnamese into Japanese and Chinese by Interprotrans. Requirement of Fass was the accuracy in every single word for the reason that the software used by enterprise and to avoid improper performance on the software. Interprotrans did fully complete the task. ..."

  • Vietnam – USA Rebel Company

    "Translation on technical document of motorbike with design of Classic 500 EFI model 2011 manufactured by Royal Enfield. This motorbike possesses an appearance that is not very different from its former models and inherits almost every details of design with features of a knight – errant. That has also made a reputation for a motorbike brand of Royal Enfield...."

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customer comments

  • Mr HoangVan Thai – Director of Royal Tourist Company.

    " Dear Interprotrans! I would like to express my special thank for your completion in our project with best result. Hope to have a long –term collaboration with you and wish you could maintain quality of your translation. Surely, you could gain a great number of customers. Yours sincerely,..."

  • Mr Do Ngoc Dung – Head of Legal Department of Mekong Bank

    " You are so excellent, Lam! You have been so good in your translating, thank you so much! Hope to work with you again in a very near future. Success and prosperity are waiting for you! Yours faithfully...."

  • Ms Mai Phuong Thao – Masan Consumer Corporation

    " REMARK ON QUALITY OF THE TRANSLATION AND TRANSACTION TIME OF INTERPROTRANS 1.QUALITY OF THE TRANSLATION According to a remark of 2 natives in Japan and China, degree of accuracy in your translation is almost 99%, especially on terminologies 2.TRANSACTION TIME Be on time as stated in the contract, be flexible in dealing and supporting information as well as the time when our partner had encountered some difficulties or troubles that may affect on transaction time and contract payment. This is the reason why we highly appreciate the company in such a time of fierce competition and mu..."

  • Mr Duong Van Phong – Head of Sales Department of Cosaco Joint – Stock Company

    " Dear Interprotrans! We highly appreciate your professional and effective working style. There are few translation companies with such modern working style like you. Yours company translated correctly document in construction from Japanese to Vietnamese and met all demands given out. Wish to have chance to work with you again...."

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